Go's Useful Development Tools

There are some useful tools for Go development, such as:
  • go fmt = tools to format source code, for example:
    go fmt filename.go
  • godoc = retrieve documentation from certain package name, you could use it as documentation server and similar to play.golang.org, for example:
    godoc -play=true -http=:port 
  • gocode = command to start autocomplete server, for example:
    gocode --in=filename.go autocomplete linenumber 
  • oracle = similar to gocode but with much more features (callgraph, callees, callstack, callers, describe, freevars, implements, peers, referrers, what), for example:
    oracle -format=json filename callgraph
  • godef = command to fetch declaration location, for example:
    godef -f=filename.go expression
  • go get = tools to retrieve or update libraries, similar to gem or npm, for example:
    go get -u -v package_url
  • goimports = tools to add missing libraries or remove unused one, for example:
    goimports filename.go
  • gofr = multipurpose tool, automatically track all source code inside present working directory and do an action to the changed files 
  • colorgo = go command wrapper, colorizes its output, for example:
    colorgo run filename.go
Currently I haven't found any good REPL tool for Go.

EDIT: this link contains more information than this post :3

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