If Programming Language were Humans

Taken from here and nixCraft page (click there to see larger text).

  • Python: my formatting is my syntax!
  • Javascript: I'm technically functional
  • PHP: can I GET guys anything?
  • Haskell: (lambda x.x am pure)(i)
  • C/C++: If you're not allocating memory, you're not living!
  • C#: I am nothing like my father.
  • Erlang: Destroy one of my processes and I will only grow stronger
  • Elixir: I Draw my Eldritch Power From all my process-chans
  • Rust: I'll be designated driver tonight!
    Programmer: we know
    Rust: Don't talk while eatingyou could choke and die haha
  • Fortran: I am unparalled in numerical ^ scientific computation!
  • Matlab: Come with me if you want to research
  • Lua: I'll take things from here
  • Lisp Dialects: Trust in the recursion
    Racket: learning is fun

Ah there are some updates!

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