How to start Revel, GORM with PostgreSQL project on Archlinux

Revel is one of many Go Web Application Framework that uses Go programming language. After installing Archlinux, first of all you'll need to install yaourt, the easiest way to install AUR packages. After that you'll need to run this command:

yaourt -Sy --noconfirm go postgresql postgresql-libs liteide chromium google-chrome-stable

Then setup your GOPATH and GOROOT environment variables on your .bashrc

export GOROOT=/usr/lib/go
export GOPATH=$HOME/Dropbox/go
export PATH="$PATH:$GOPATH/bin"

Change the permission of this folder:

sudo chmod -Rv a+rwx /usr/share/liteide/liteenv

Then open LiteIDE, select menu View > Edit Environment, then add this line and save:


Add also a GOPATH directory on menu View > Manage GOPATH...
That is ~/Dropbox/go on my computer.

To test if your Go and LiteIDE working correctly, create a new .go file and press Build > FileRun to run, for example:

package main
import "fmt"
func main() {
  fmt.Println("Hello my PC <3")

The code above should give an output on Build output window.

To install revel, type this on shell:

go get -u -v github.com/revel/cmd/revel
go get -u -v github.com/revel/revel

To create a new project (for example, the name would be "puis"), type:

revel new puis

Then you could start the app using this command:

revel run puis

And visit http://localhost:9000 to view your app.

Next, we should install PostgreSQL driver and GORM, type:

go get -u -v github.com/lib/pq
go get -u -v github.com/jinzhu/gorm

Then initialize and start your database server:

sudo su - postgres
initdb --locale en_US.UTF-8 -E UTF8 -D '/var/lib/postgres/data'
sudo systemctl enable postgresql
sudo systemctl start postgresql
sudo su - postgres
createuser puis
createdb puis

Then create a model, for example in app/models/user.go

package models
import "time"
type User struct {
  Id                int64
  Name              string
  Gmail             string
  PuMail            string
  Password          string
  CreatedAt         time.Time
  UpdatedAt         time.Time
  DeletedAt         time.Time
  LastLoginAt       time.Time
  PasswordUpdatedAt time.Time

And create a controller for GORM in app/controllers/gorm.go

package controllers
import (
  _ "github.com/lib/pq"
type GormController struct {
  Tx *gorm.DB
var Db gorm.DB
func InitDB() {
  var err error
  Db, err = gorm.Open("postgres", "user=puis sslmode=disable")
  if err != nil {
    revel.ERROR.Println("FATAL", err)
  tab := &models.User{}
  Db.Model(tab).AddUniqueIndex("idx_user__gmail", "gmail")
  Db.Model(tab).AddUniqueIndex("idx_user__pu_mail", "pu_mail")
func (c *GormController) Begin() revel.Result {
  txn := Db.Begin()
  if txn.Error != nil {
  c.Tx = txn
  revel.INFO.Println("c.Tx init", c.Tx)
  return nil
func (c *GormController) Commit() revel.Result {
  if c.Tx == nil {
    return nil
  if err := c.Tx.Error; err != nil && err != sql.ErrTxDone {
  c.Tx = nil
  revel.INFO.Println("c.Tx commited (nil)")
  return nil

func (c *GormController) Rollback() revel.Result {
  if c.Tx == nil {
    return nil
  if err := c.Tx.Error; err != nil && err != sql.ErrTxDone {
  c.Tx = nil
  return nil

Also call those functions when application starts also before and after controller calling, add these lines in app/init.go on func init()

revel.InterceptMethod((*controllers.GormController).Begin, revel.BEFORE)
revel.InterceptMethod((*controllers.GormController).Commit, revel.AFTER)
revel.InterceptMethod((*controllers.GormController).Rollback, revel.FINALLY)

Two more things, add a testing code, for example in app/controllers/app.go on func Index()

user := &models.User{Name: "Kiswono Prayogo"}
return c.Render(user) 

Last thing, just add one more line anywhere on Index.html


That's it, this is how to connect Revel to PostgreSQL using GORM. This tutorial adapted from Ivan Black's stackoverflow answer.

To solve slow Revel hot-reload or Go build/install, just use this command:

go get -u -v github.com/mattn/go-sqlite3

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