Programming Language Libraries

Woot woot! I found a website that crawls for libraries *__*)b
And I think it awesome that Go got first rank.

By Language/Editor

By Package Manager, note:

go (go get), npm (js), rubygems (ruby), maven (java), packagist (php), pypi (python), nuget (.net, c#, vb.net, and f# mostly), bower (js), wordpress (php), cpan (perl), cocoapods (objective-c and swift), clojars (clojure), meteor (js), cran (r), hackage (haskell), atom (text editor), cargo (rust), homebrew (osx), emacs (text editor), swiftpm (swift), hex (erlang, elixir), pub (dart), sublime (text editor), platformio (iot), julia (julia), carthage (objective-c, swift), dub (d), haxelib (haxe), jam (js), elm (elm), alcatraz (xcode ide), nimble (nim), inqlude (qt), shards (crystal)

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