New Promising Programming Language: V

Found out that there's a new programming language called V (2019). At glance it's like combination of Go and Rust. Seems really promising, has really fast compilation speed.
  • No global state
  • No null
  • No undefined values
  • Option types
  • Generics
  • Immutability by default
  • Partially pure functions
  • Hot Code Reload
  • REPL
  • C/C++ converter
  • Native cross platform UI library
  • Run Everywhere
But no compiler yet (but there's already software built with it), wait until May 2019. I hope it hype :3
Here's a bit negative review about V.

Pony (2012) also share similar belief (like Rust and Erlang/Elixir combined):
  • Pony is type safe
  • Pony is memory safe
  • Exception-Safe
  • Data-race Free
  • Deadlock-Free
  • Native Code
  • Compatible with C
  • Garbage Collected
  • and many more
Zig (2017) hopefully will succeed C
  • Integration with C without binding, can compile C
  • Cross compile
  • Generics
  • Error handling and Stacktrace by default
  • Compile-time reflection and compile-time code execution
  • Simple build system
Crystal (2014), not giving similar spirit, but hey it's faster Ruby :3

And don't forget this interesting fib benchmark.