Tricks to be Motivated

Recently I being so much unmotivated with my work, and I think I know the reason, but anyway, these are the generic things to get things done:

  1. Buy a pen, and small notebook, seriously! Make a TODO list, break into very small things to be done in a day
  2. Have enough sugar and sleep, lack of sleep/concentration/focus is bad, as bad as alcohol addiction
  3. Do your tasks first before doing unimportant tasks (facebook, tweeting, watching movies, etc), make those unimportant things as reward
  4. Do not imagine yourself reaching the success, probably better imagining if you are fail and be afraid of it
  5. Your willpower is unlimited, and can be strengthened by doing more things that requires willpower, as willpower is contagious
  6. Surround yourself with people with same goals, or at least watch motivational people that work hard to reach their goals/dreams, be envious!
  7. Forgive yourself, guilt makes you want instant gratification that produces more guilt
  8. Do less decision, always go for option A, be courageous, set simple rules
  9. Walk/start first, motivation will comes later
I think that's it, these article summarized from videos about motivation and willpower I found on youtube.