State of JSON in SQLite and NoSQL

Another news for those who like JSON format, there's JSON1 extension for SQLite, this is a great news for those who only need embedded database for their app. Their functions are similar to PostgreSQL's JSON/JSONB functions. On other hand, there's already a lot of BSON solution in NoSQL world, such as the infamous MongoDB  (and TokuMX) RethinkDB, ArangoDB (SQL-like syntax), PouchDB (Javascript version of CouchDB),  SequoiaDBDjonDB, etc. For more information about those databases, see the video below.

SQLite 3 Tutorial

PostgreSQL 9.4's JSONB

What's new in MongoDB 3

Fractal Tree Index (TokuMX)



EDIT Hey, apparently there are also JSON data type support in MySQL 5.7.8 (2015-08-03, Release Candidate).