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As programmer, we need good IDE (or just editor if you have good memory of the APIs), well.. In C/C++ we have QtCreator and Visual Studio, in Object-Pascal we Have Embarcadero Delphi, in Javascript we have Brackets.io or Webstorm, in Ruby we have RubyMine, in PHP we have PHPStorm, in Java-based languages (Scala, Clojure, Groovy) we have Eclipse, Netbeans and IntelliJ IDEA. What's for Golang?

First of all don't forget to set GOROOT (/usr/lib/go on ArchLinux) and GOPATH.

1. Vim + Vim-Go
Actually I've used vim for so long to edit a single source file, but not for IDE with many files, I've tried nedtree and many vim plugins but nothing capture my heart, except for the color scheme. Anyway you need Pathogen to install it easily, also YCM and the autocomplete works well (autocomplete: Ctrl+X + Ctrl+O). Sometimes when exiting vim it shows some error.

2. Goclipse
Just install eclipse pacman -S eclipse, add http://releases.goclipse.googlecode.com/git/ to the update site and install Goclipse. Set all the Go path configuration on the Preferences, kill gocode and start manually if necessary.
The autocomplete works fine. But the eclipse color configuration is quite annoying for dark theme desktop.

3. GolangIDE
Seems good, latest version was LiteIDE X26, cross-platform, available on ArchLinux via pacman -S liteide
set the correct GOROOT on your /usr/share/liteide/liteenv/linux64.env file (for 64-bit), and the autocomplete works fine!

4. IntelliJ IDEA CE + Golang Plugin
Just install IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition pacman -S intellij-idea-community-edition, go to plugins, browse, install Golang.
The autocomplete doesn't work well at all, it only shows sout, souf, soutm, soutp.
EDIT: it works by modifying the Exec= line of the .desktop file into: sh -c "/usr/bin/idea.sh" %f

Which one better?
I guess, for now I'll go with GolangIDE and Vim :3

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