Easier ArchLinux-based Distribution

So, maybe you're a newbie who wants to use ArchLinux, but scared with it's installation, well well, we have some ArchLinux-based distribution for you from:
Honorable mention was Manjaro Linux, I've used this before for my netbooks, and it works really fine, easy installation, xfce4 and yaourt installed by default. Next time I probably will try Antergos or BlackArch. I will not try Chakra since its uses KDE as default desktop environment, from my experince using KDE-based distribution (and KDE apps), most of them are slow and crashes a lot.

Maybe some poeple ask, why ArchLinux or Arch-based distribution? well.. because it's easy to install almost anything, easy (automated) to build programs from source via AUR. Why I chose ArchLinux? Umm.. because I'm hipster XD (Ubuntu, Mint, Debian, Fedora, Zorin, PCLinuxOS, CentOS are too mainstream). Things to read or consider before migrating or decide using ArchLinux:
Here's my current desktop using Manjaro:

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