Monitorix: System Resource Monitoring for Linux

Monitorix is a daemon that enables you to monitor your Linux server/system resources. It has built-in web server, and developed using Perl. To install the daemon on ArchLinux, use this command:

yaourt --needed --noconfirm -S --force monitorix
sudo systemctl enable monitorix
sudo systemctl start monitorix

The configuration file can be found on /etc/monitorix/monitorix.conf, for example you can enable the built-in webserver and change the port, change the network interface's to be monitored or enable and disable sensors, just find the key and change it, for example:

  enabled = y
  host =
  port = 8081
  user = nobody
  group = nobody
  log_file = /var/log/monitorix-httpd
  hosts_deny =
  hosts_allow =
    enabled = y
    msg = Monitorix: Restricted access
    htpasswd = /var/lib/monitorix/htpasswd

  system  = y
  proc    = y
  fs  = y
  net  = y
  user  = y
  netstat = y

  list = enp2s0, wlp3s0
  enp2s0 = Gigabit LAN, 0, 10000000000
  wlp3s0 = Wireless LAN, 0, 100000000
  gateway = enp2s0

After changing the configuration file, you  may want to create a password so no other user can see the web, for example to create a new user named test with password youMayNotKnow:

sudo htpasswd -bcd /var/lib/monitorix/htpasswd test youMayNotKnow

after that, don't forget to restart the service:

sudo systemctl restart monitorix

Then you can see the result by visiting

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