Redis GUI

Redis is one of full featured in-memory database with optional persistence and replication. Redis support 5 kind of data types: key-value (SET, GET), hashtable (HSET, HGET), linkedlist (L/RPUSH, L/RPOP), sets (SADD, SREM) and sorted/scored-sets (ZADD, ZREM).

Looking for GUI for redis? Thy these apps, from the best to the least:

Redis React

Built using Mono + ReactJS. Just download and Run (install Mono first if you are using Linux).

Redis Desktop Manager

Built using C++ and Qt5.

yaourt --needed --noconfirm -S --force redis-desktop-manager


A fork of FastoNoSql, I don't know what this one built with, since the github repository doesn't have the source.

Redis Commander

Built using NodeJS

sudo npm install -g redis-commander


Built using Python2 and Flask Framework. Just clone the repository, install its dependencies and run.

Btw, happy new year :3

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