Cross Platform Game Development

So I was looking for cross-platform game development, found some that are good for Indie game dev development, such as V-Play that uses QML (I like Qt), but the review for the games it produced is quite bad (crashes a lot), so I look another one and found Cocos2D-JS (that has been merged to Cocos2D-X at 2016). To start the development, visit the download page, and choose the full one. Start any web server on that directory.

Need more resource? You can watch this awesome youtube playlist (2014 but still quite relevant), or see the website (warning: mostly broken link) or github for more reference.

Or you might want to try, comparison:
Actually I want to write this page as Cocos2D tutorial, but for my current project I need engine that can run under a WebView component, so here's the alternative:
I think QiCiEngine (built on top Phaser.io which built on top PixiJS) is quite awesome, lot's of examples, too bad that WebGL that used by Pixi must use Android Lolipop. There's some people that review those engines (see the recommended videos next ot that video). Also you may want to see TileD to help you edit the stages.

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