Database GUI for MongoDB

There are many database GUI for MongoDB, today I will review about GenghisApp, Humongous, and RoboMongo.

You could install the Ruby-based one using this command:

gem install humongous
gem install genghisapp bson_ext

to start it, use this command:

humongous # visit http://localhost:9000
genghisapp # visit http://localhost:8000
php -S localhost:8000 genghis.php # php version

to stop it, use this command:

humongous -K
genghisapp --kill

I don't know why but when I tried both, they are not running at all, just stopped after showing "trying port xxxx", those programs closes immediately after that, the program doesn't show up on ps and netstat.

The next in line is RoboMongo, first, you must download using this command:

wget -c http://robomongo.org/files/linux/robomongo-0.8.4-x86_64.tar.gz

Extract it, then run the robomongo.sh shell script on the bin/ folder, set the connection, then it would show up something like this:

This one quote good, it shows the command line when doing any action, but as usual, Java-based app doesn't work well with dark GTK+ theme.

There are some other GUI for MongoDB that support live-monitoring, for example MongoBird and MongOwl, but don't forget, there are also built-in web monitoring on port 28017.

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