How to install Goclipse and Golang IDEA plugin

Warning: current master version of these plugins (2014-11-25) are not good enough for daily coding, don't bother to try them for now.
Edit: latest alpha version of Golang IDEA plugin for IntelliJ are the best plugin for now.

Goclipse is another IDE for golang, that based on the infamous Eclipse platform. To install Eclipse, just type:

pacman -S eclipse

To install Goclipse, you must first clone the repository, for example using this command:

git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/GoClipse/goclipse.git

Then you must download all dependencies and start building:

cd goclipse
mvn clean integration-test
ant -f releng/ CreateProjectSite
ant -f releng/ PublishProjectSite

Last command would fail when not supplied with correct DprojectSiteGitURL parameter, but the required jars still resides in bin-maven/projectSite/, just use any webserver to serve the files as Eclipse update site, for example using php:

cd bin-maven/projectSite/
php -S localhost:9009

To install Goclipse, open Eclipse, Help > Install New Software..,  just add http://localhost:9009/releases

Then select Goclipse, next, accept the license, and finish.

Now the bad parts: bad coloring (for example, the operator color is not configurable), gocode doesn't work (even when GOPATH and GOROOT already configured on settings page and restarted), and autocomplete doesn't work at all.

Next we'll try IntelliJ with Golang IDEA plugin, first you must clone the repository:

git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/go-lang-plugin-org/go-lang-idea-plugin.git

Then place (or symlink) the IntelliJ program directory inside that folder that created by git, with name idea-IC, then just run:

ant -f build-package.xml

That command would produce a file named: google-go-language.jar, just install that plugin normally using on IntelliJ.

Now the bad parts: member autocomplete doesn't work at all (even when GOROOT and GOPATH configured on settings page and restarted).

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