How to Install OrientDB Community Edition in Linux

OrientDB is full-featured NoSQL database, it is a RDBMS (just like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL Server), a document-oriented database (just like MongoDB and Cassandra), key-value store (yes, just like Redis, Memcache, RiakCouchBase and many more) and also a graph database (just like Neo4j). To install the sofware, first you must make sure you have installed JDK and Ant. Then download, extract the archive, and compile using this command:

wget -c https://github.com/orientechnologies/orientdb/archive/2.0.2.tar.gz 
tar xvfz orientdb-2.0.2.tar.gz
cd orientdb-2.0.2
cd ../releases/orientdb-community-2.0.2

To start the server, use this command:

cd bin/

At the first time you will be asked a new root password. To start the console, use this command:


Type help within the console for more information about the console commands. And lastly if you want to use the OrientDB Studio UI, just visit this URL:

You can learn more about OrientDB here.

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