How to make IntelliJ IDEA load faster

IntelliJ IDEA is one of the best IDE around, but the default configuration isn't that good. The initial loading of this software took about 5-15 minutes because of the initial configuration of JVM. There are some workaround to make it work faster, just go to your IDEA installation directory, bin directory, and look for idea.vmoptions (or idea64.vmoptions), change the content of that file into something like this:


The Xmx sets the maximum memory that could be used by JVM, if you have a huge amount of RAM (4 GB+) you may change it at least half and at most three quarter of your RAM. After changing that configuration, close the IDEA and start it again IDEA now should load faster (in my PC it took about 10 seconds to start loading the project and 20 seconds more to complete loading the project).


  1. Hey,
    Any chance you can update the post to remove the enableSNIExtension flag? it's somewhat misleading since it has no relation to performance and can cause issues with virtual servers (i just wasted two days since i copied these settings two years ago and forgot about them)


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