Atom vs Brackets vs LightTable vs Zed

Today we will review about some text editor that seems to be gaining popularity lately, that are Atom (Github), Brackets (Adobe), LightTable and Zed. To install them on ArchLinux, just type:

yaourt --needed --noconfirm -S --force brackets-bin atom-editor-bin lighttable zed slap

First one is Atom 1.0.2-1, it uses 131MB of RAM at the first run, the Javascript autocomplete seems not working.

The second one is Brackets 1.3-1, it uses 75MB of RAM at the first run, the Javascript autocomplete works fine.

The third one is LightTable 0.7.2-1, it uses 70MB of RAM at the first run, the Javascript autocomplete not as good as Bracket's..

The fourth one is Zed 1.1.0-1, it uses 54MB of RAM at the first run, there are no built-in Javascript autocomplete.

Bonus: Slap is terminal-based text-editor that aims to be similar to SublimeText. It uses 101MB of RAM at the first run, and the key shortcut (PgUp, PgDn, Up, Down) seems not working well. LimeText (currently broken: lime-git) also tried to be SublimeText clone.

The winner for now would be Brackets..


  1. why dont you include vs code, all of them are made using javascript/electron ... all of them also slooow..

    1. it's been a year, and VS Code is quite fast..
      what processor and how many RAM do you have anyway?

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