Tilde terminal/console text editor, a vim alternative

I've been working with windows since 4th grade, and I know that learning vim is not easy, as there so many shortcuts to remember. I've read vimtutor 3 times, but still I could not remember the command for find-replace words (I must google it again and again, is it :%s/needle/gold/g or something)  For beginner I found that tilde is one of the best out there, you can install on ArchLinux by typing:

yaourt --needed --noconfirm -S --force tilde

The user interface much like DOS' edit (or Turbo C++), and the shortcut works as expected as in Windows' notepad (shift+arrow to highlight, ctrl+Z undo, ctrl+Y redo, ctrl+C to copy, ctrl+V to paste, ctrl+X to cut, ctrl+F to search, F3 to find next, ctrl+R to replace, ctrl+Q to quit). It also have basic syntax highlighting.

Another alternative would be diakonos (requires Ruby) and sanos editor (only one source code, requires C compiler).

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