Go 1.5 Compile Speed

Go 1.5 has been released few days ago, today we will measure the compile speed of Go application. The source code for the measurement is around 36K lines (1.39 MB).

$ alias time
alias time='/usr/bin/time -f "\nCPU: %Us\tReal: %es\tRAM: %MKB"'

# Quad core i7 4700MQ, 16GB RAM, Linux 4.1.5 x86_64

# go version go1.3.3 linux/amd64
CPU: 4.39s Real: 2.54s RAM: 202944KB
CPU: 4.34s Real: 2.57s RAM: 202840KB
CPU: 4.47s Real: 2.60s RAM: 202844KB

# go version go1.4.2 linux/amd64
CPU: 4.23s Real: 2.39s RAM: 204656KB
CPU: 4.20s Real: 2.41s RAM: 204660KB
CPU: 4.71s Real: 2.81s RAM: 204624KB

# go version go1.5 linux/amd64
CPU: 17.09s Real: 6.35s RAM: 198416KB
CPU: 17.36s Real: 6.41s RAM: 198308KB
CPU: 17.35s Real: 6.21s RAM: 198000KB

The compile speed as stated on their mailing list, becomes significantly slower, I guess, I'll stick with 1.4 branch until 1.7 ready.

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